It is important to unwind yourself this summer and feel adventurous. Coastal camping helps you do just that. You have the option to lay down on the beach after setting up your glossy coastal camp. Or, if you want to challenge yourself and your loved ones, just enroll in activities offered alongside beach camping. Either way, you are going to end up going home feeling rejuvenated and energized after experiencing the best vacation ever!

Sometimes, all you search for are fun, relaxing alternatives to traditional vacations, where you have to stick to time limits. Adhering to time frames can ruin all the fun, so schedules are a no-go. Spending your family vacation in coastal camps can help bring you closer and is a more affordable plan to follow. 

10 Coastal Camping Spots To Help You Reconnect With Nature

Coastal Camping is for adventurous souls as well as people who wish to relax and unwind in nature. Set up your camp by the beach. Also, have the most amazing time with tranquil waves and other luxuries brought to you by nature itself. Read the book you have always wanted to but never found the right place to do so. Indulge in the beauty of waves while listening to calming music in the tent you have set up. It never gets any better than this!

Big Sur (California)

Big Sur has everything, from serene beaches to rocky mountain cliffs and redwood forestry. The Big Sur of California also packs up the perfect hiking spots, suitable areas for camping, and even classic parks. The spectacular camping spots of Big Sur range from sheltered hike-in tents with views chosen to even packed-up RVs. From Wilde Big Sur to Mission Ranch β€œMi Querida,” one can experience the most mesmerizing sunsets by the beach. Activities like hiking, setting campfires, and river tubing are practiced here, so you can engage for fun and adventure. 

Watermouth Valley Camping Park (Ilfracombe, Devon)
Feel the joy of amazement with Watermouth Valley coasting camping

Rated as excellent by previous camping enthusiasts, the Watermouth Valley Camping Park epitomizes beauty and serenity. One can set up camp by the breathtaking beach, install a campfire, and immerse in the relaxation they cherish. The spot is pet friendly, hosting a playground so that the little ones face no issues settling there. Activities like ping pong, table tennis, and cricket are played with great devotion and a lot of fun. One can also sign up for their off-road adventures, turning you into an adrenaline soul. Hit the Ilfracombe Golf Club for a solid game of golf with your partners on a pleasant Sunday afternoon. 

Heritage Coast Campsite (Monknash, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan)
Hit Peak Comfort With Heritage Coast Campsite

Set up at the gorgeous Vale of Glamorgan, this coastal camp is perfect for vacations and random weekend getaways. The place gives you access to Cwm Nash beach, which has the most amazing views and is only a 15-minute walk away. The local towns Cowbridge, Cardiff, and Bridgend are just some of the ones you can visit during your camping adventure. Camping enthusiasts also get access to the Plough and Harrow Pub, which hosts comforting live music on weekends! Also, supermarkets and exclusive shops are lined up for fellow adventurers. Activities included here are hiking, fishing, biking, and surfing, so choose the ones you want to try out this summer. 

Cape Range National Park (Western Australia)
Allow Yourself To Indulge In Relaxation At Cape Range coastal camping

With rocky hills and mesmerising ocean waters, this coastal camping spot offers no one would want to miss amenities. Take ample time out of your busy schedule. Set aside time for the most adventurous activities, like kayaking, beachcombing, hiking, and more. Hitting the Mandu Mandu Gorge hike is a must-do if you plan to do coastal camping here. Bird watching at Mangrove Bay and snorkeling at Turquoise Bay must be on your to-do list. 

Abel Tasman National Park (New Zealand)
Sign up for adventurous activities at Abel Tasman coastal camping National Park

If you are into kayaking and nature walks, this spot must top the list of coastal camping sites you must visit. Experience the ultimate peace with their breathtaking views, crystal clear waters, and the perfect golden beach sand. Campsites like Tinline Campsite, Apple Tree Bay Campsite, and Awaroa Campsite would be perfect for summer camping. Additionally, the entire Abel Tasman National Park area is filled with water taxis. They will offer you informative tours and even ensure you get to your destination with zero hassle.

Cape Lookout State Park (Oregon, USA)
Be filled with peace at Cape Lookout State Park

One can get original forestry feels from this State Park as they are knee-deep in Sitka spruce and hemlock trees. One can immerse in true relaxation by calmingly walking through this and enjoying the relaxing beach too. The Cape Lookout State Park is ideal for beachcombing, whale watching, or spending an event-free day by the sandy beach. They also offer a well-built hiking trail, setting an extraordinary viewpoint. 

Jasmund National Park (Germany)
Opt for Jasmund National Park for the coasting camping experience of your life

Labeled as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this coastal camping hotspot offers scenic beauty with its immense wildlife and chalky cliffs. The splendid view of the Baltic Sea attracts tourists and coastal campers from all over the world. One can set up a tent by the beach and visit KΓΆnigsstuhl (King’s Chair) for their multi-vision cinema and exhibitions. Also, the hiking trails offered by Jasmund National Park are family-friendly. Cycling, fishing, and horse riding are just a few of the never-ending activities offered by this National Park. 

Exmouth (Western Australia)
Feel the comfort of a home with Exmouth coastal camping

Exmouth is the ideal coastal camping spot that allows individuals to indulge in the offerings of Ningaloo Marine Park. This park is home to humpback whales and manta rays, whose beauty will surely entice you. Some of the most famous coastal campsites are Kurrajong and Mesa. Snorkelling at the Ningaloo Reef is an adventurous activity one must not miss when setting up camp here. This includes experiencing and sighting tropical fish and turtles along your journey. 

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park (Wales, UK)
Experience tranquility of waves at Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

This coastal camping spot counts for the most amazing scenery for wildlife and nature enthusiasts.  Also, being home to 14 nature reserves, you can get your hands on the best cycling experience of your life. With this Natural Park, opportunities for coasteering, kayaking, sailing, paddling, and windsurfing will come your way. Also, an interesting amenity you can access is horse-riding, with beginner lessons to turn you into an absolute pro.

Olympic National Park (Washington, USA)
fill your hearts with peace at Olympic National Park

Camping at this spot will help you sign up for activities like boating, climbing, hiking, fishing, and a lot more. Shi Shi Beach is a campsite at Olympic National Park, which tourists love due to its easy trail. Also, set up your tent above the high tide line to ensure you steer clear of waves. If you are into wildlife viewing, definitely go for them. You can also come across deer, Roosevelt elk, and a whole species of whales here. 

Coastal Camp Hotspots As The Perfect Summer Getaway

Tick off coastal camping from your list of vacation destinations to go for, and visit these amazing campsites now. Indulge in the serenity of camping by the beach, and signing up for activities to challenge your inner self. The first step to do before going for a coastal camp is to check out a list of useful tips for camping. 

Hello, you camping fanatics! Share your coast camping stories with us; we are happy to make you feel heard! Also, for more ideas about camping, be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel!

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