To the uninitiated, cultural immersion travel may sound like tourism. However, it is so much more. Cultural travel is a means of understanding on how diverse the world and its cultures are. Imagine going to a beach town and relaxing for a few days.

Now imagine going to a remote location in Eastern Europe or Northern Africa, understanding their way of life, experiencing their cuisines, and creating lifelong memories. This is what cultural travel is all about.

Keep reading to understand why cultural travel is taking over as the latest trend among those with wanderlust. By the end of it, you will grab that backpack and head for discovering brave new worlds.

Why Cultural Travel?
Cultural Travel

Cultural immersion is vital as it can be a way to increase your understanding of the differences in cultures and also make you more aware of the world. While traditional tourism is a way to enjoy life, it does not add value to the person that you are. Tourism is more about taking your culture to another place, whereas cultural immersion travel is a way of bringing home another culture.

Most of us have grown up in traditional societies with traditional values.

However, the definition of tradition is varied across the world. What is considered normal in LA or Manchester may be alien in Vietnam or Congo. Understanding these differences, respecting them, and learning from them can impact you.

How To Choose Destinations For Cultural Immersion Travel?
Destinations for cultural immersion travel

It is clear that travelling within your country or across a few cities is not cultural immersion travel. You need to find a place that has a deep-rooted culture. You must locate an area with a deeply ingrained culture. If you have a strong desire to travel, visiting a nation in Africa, Asia, or Oceania will be the ideal way for you to discover other cultures.

Countries like India or Singapore will make you understand how different life can be in places. At the same time, travelling only to the capital cities in these countries may not provide the immersion you seek.

It is best to research and find activities in your destination, such as nature immersion, art and music experiences, culinary experiences, etc. to feel the depth of the foreign culture. Connecting with the local communities of the places is also very important to the process.

Being Responsible Is Of Paramount Importance
Paramount importance of Cultural Immersion Travel

When you are planning a cultural immersion trip, the preparation process will be quite different from regular travel. Some of the aspects to consider are understanding and respecting the ethnic differences between you and the people whose land you are visiting. Each place has its cultural norms, so it is important to respect their traditions and practices.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the impact of your travel on the local communities of your destination. Activities that help local businesses thrive are always a great thing to do. Also, make sure that your presence in the host country has minimal environmental impact.

Food Is An Essential Part Of Cultural Immersion Travel
Food is an essential part of cultural immersion travel

Every culture and region has its experiences, and this is a must-do part of your cultural travel. Spices and food were some of the earliest traded items, and they facilitated cultural exchange like no other. So, when you are visiting a country with the intent of taking part in their culture, understanding the process behind their food is vital.

This doesn’t just mean trying out some mouth-watering dishes. Be it the Biryani in South Asia or Kebabs in the Middle East, you must also explore the history behind the food. It’s best to research the local cuisine of a place before travelling there.

Also, keep in mind what kind of food you prefer and base your travel around that. If you are aversive to spicy food then traveling to Pakistan or Congo might be difficult for you. If you are vegetarian or vegan, then ensure that you find out which local cuisines suit you.

Heritage Of The Land
Heritage of the land

Many cultures in this world still retain minority status, even within their geographies. It is vital to take note and try to make it your responsibility to preserve these cultures.

You can visit the different heritage sites in the country you are visiting. UNESCO has listed heritage sites in almost every country, and visiting them will teach you a lot about their history.

You can also see other historic landmarks and local museums. Once again, if you plan to visit a big country, seeing only one museum in the capital city will not give you enough information. Always try to dig deeper than the surface.

You can also enquire about local movements regarding safeguarding cultural heritage and try to participate in them. It’s important to note your role as an outsider and pass the mic to those without the global voice privilege. This will not only help ensure more visitors such as you enjoy and learn from diverse cultures, but it is also a very human thing to try and help those you can.

Get Ready For A Truly Transformative Experience

If you are planning your first cultural immersion travel, then it’s best to start within your continent and get used to the process. Appreciate those closer to home and then start travelling across the world to learn about global cultures. In the process, you will have transformed your empathy, understanding, and appreciation for your fellow man.

If you have recently taken part in such a journey, let us know your experience in the comments and any tips that helped make your travel smooth!

It is time to upgrade yourself from being just a tourist to someone who travels for the culture.

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