People often search for peace and privacy for the perfect summer getaway. When asked about ideal summer vacations, a private beach is the only spot that comes to mind. However, sharing the beach with everyone and not having a place to yourself may be unpleasant.

All you can think about is strolling through the beach with a delicious cocktail in hand, reading your most-loved novel while lying down on the beach alone, talking to your partner about life, or even having a moonlit candlelight dinner by the serene waves of the beach. So, planning your summer vacation at a mesmerizing and secluded private beach is the right way to make all your wishes come true! 

A List of Private Beaches That Are Sure to Blow Your Mind

Sunrise Beach (Koh Lipe, Thailand)

The divine white-sand Sunrise Beach of Koh Lipe is one of the most serene and calming beaches around the globe. It is in Thailand and stretches two kilometers over the island’s east part. This private beach is known for its Instagram-worthy Sea bars and diving schools, which entertain your family. Perfect white sand contrasted with blue and turquoise sea colors, making it one of the most peaceful summer sites to simmer.

Playa Jeremi Beach (Curacao)

The Playa Jeremi Beach of Curacao is heaven on Earth, with its crystal-clear waters and fantastic scenery. It also does not charge entrance fees, which makes it even more attractive. A private beach like Playa Jeremi is perfect for ticking off your dream of snorkeling. It also makes a great site for shoring, where you will likely come across aquatic life like squids and cornet fish. If you are passionate about diving, Playa Jeremi Beach would be perfect.

Tranquillity Of The Playa Jeremi Beach Is Worth Cherishing
Luskentyre Beach (Scotland)

This summer, Luskentyre’s private beach may be the perfect calm vacation. This private beach is one of the world’s most peaceful and underappreciated. It is ideal for strolling, cycling, or a pleasant walk. Luskentyre Beach on South Harris’ west coast is one of the largest summer beaches.

Get Lost In The Colours Of Luskentyre Beach 
Whitehaven Beach (Australia)

The Whitehaven Beach of Australia appears straight out of a spectacular painting, with its stunning white sand and glimmering combination of blue, green, and turquoise sea. This spot holds the title of the world’s most eco-friendly beach and is perfect for relaxing and letting its beauty sweep you away. You can also visit the Whitsunday Islands National Park and have the best times.

Truly a must place to visit with sand and sea.

Monsul Beach (Spain)

For your summer vacation, Spain’s Monsul beach, where Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was filmed, is still relatively empty. The kids may play in the clean, shallow water while you relax and have a great time. This beach in Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park is notable for its black sand and hidden coves. The beach can also be thought of as going both ways. One portion is built of black volcanic eruption rocks, and the other is made of mountain ranges.

Experience The Most Relaxing Walk By The Monsul
Li Cossi Beach (Italy)

Li Cossi Beach in Italy is another beautiful private beach with lovely seas that range from turquoise to emerald and sky blue. An easy 15-minute stroll from Costa Paradiso Village, the vista is worth it. This Sardinian beach will captivate you with its delicious food, fascinating cities, and ancient historical monuments. There are family-friendly hotels and resorts where you can stay, which makes for a comfortable trip by the beach. You can hit Villagio Costa Paradiso, which offers a great accommodation option, so be sure to check them out.

The Private Li Cossi Beach Brings To You A Hue Of Colours
Gura Portitei Beach (Romania)

This private beach is considered one of the most untouched beaches worldwide, with its charm and culture preserved in Romania. This beach, also known as a holiday town, has a kiddie pool, playground, and more. Gura Portitei Beach in Romania is perfect for unwinding and relaxing. The beach is also very impressive, as it is the meeting point of the Danube Delta and the Black Sea. This makes it a unique point that one should definitely check out.

The Calm And Secluded Beach of Gura Portitei
Porto Santo Beach (Portugal)

Porto Santo Beach is known as a golden beach for its nine-kilometer stretch of gold sand, with excellent waters and temps. This secluded beach has therapeutic properties, with its sand ideal for relaxation. This beach is especially interesting because the mineral salts in the seawater alleviate weariness and tension. Swim in the seas of Porto Santo as you deserve it. You will get all the relaxation you deserve, like the therapeutic properties of their sea. After breathing in the warm, calming sea, have the time of your life while lying down on the sand.

Enjoy In The Serenity Of Porto Santo
Colombier Beach (St. Barths)

Finding the best site to see the stunning sunsets is unnecessary—Colombier Beach is the answer. Here, you will likely come across several tropical vegetation facilities and exotic wildlife not usually found on beaches. Discover Rockefeller Beach, an uncovered beach, before continuing to Colombier Beach, the perfect summer vacation.

Indulge In the Exotic Culture of Colombier Beach 
Glyfoneri Beach (Skiathos, Greece)

Another underrated and undiscovered beach worldwide is the Glyfoneri Beach of Greece, which is unoccupied even during summer. This is a great summer location with hotels to make your visit unforgettable. This beach is covered in small stones and sand, making it a nice summer destination.

Plan Your Perfect Summer Escape With Glyfoneri Private Beach

Private Beach Retreats for Ultimate Relaxation

A private beach may be all you need to avoid worldly affairs and have the best time with your family this summer! Your loved ones will appreciate these ideal summer retreats, as they all need peace and isolation from all tension. 

Let the waves whisper peace to you while sitting on deserted beaches. Above all, Discover tranquility.

To sum up, Secluded beach retreats are ideal for escaping daily noise and getting close to nature. In short, you can pick a peaceful retreat, an adventure, or a welcoming beach. Now that you know why, why not experience the longest relaxation journey? Moreover, your mind, body, and soul will appreciate such care.

Calling all beach lovers! In the comments section below, tell us about your favorite private beach resort or most memorable relaxing experience. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel for travel advice and lifestyle videos to help you plan!

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