Festivities have existed since the dawn of human civilisation. If you like to travel, then planning your trips to catch various festivals worldwide is something you should consider. Be it Oktoberfest in Germany or Diwali in India, travelling during the festival season is one of the best ways to experience the culture of a foreign land.

Instead of your regular trip to a beach or a mountain, visiting a grand festival in a different country will give you memories to cherish forever. The best part is that you can travel solo or in a group, and you will still have a grand time.

Read on to know some of the best festivals around the globe that you should put down in your travel plans. Are you ready to have the experience of a lifetime?

Must-Visit Festivals
Must Visit Festivals

If you want to celebrate culture in the grandest way possible, visiting India during Diwali should be at the top of your list of travelling during the festival season. The entire country lits up in a manner you will have never witnessed before, as the light signifies the victory of good over evil. The celebration happens between October and November, so plan your trip accordingly. Also, donโ€™t miss out on the mouth-watering Diwali sweets.

Songkran, or the Buddhist New Year in Thailand, is another grand cultural experience. The country celebrates by playing in the water, a sight to behold. And since it happens during April,  typically a hot season, you will enjoy getting wet.

Hermanus, or the whale festival in Cape Town, South Africa, is a great unique experience for any tourist. During September each year, you can sail into the ocean and view whales in all their grandness. If you are a nature lover, this is a must-visit festival.

The Day of the Dead is another unique festival that you must experience. It is the Mexican peopleโ€™s way of celebrating their ancestors, and you will come across grand shrines known as Ofrendas. There are also costumed processions, flea markets, and much more taking place across the entire country during this time.

Some other famous festivals to visit would include –

  • The Oktoberfest in Germany – known for its celebration of beer and local cuisine,
  • The Carnival in Brazil – known for its grand processions,
  • The Venice Carnival in Italy, and
  • The Obon Festival in Japan

Almost every country has its unique cultural celebration that you can visit and be enthralled by, but the ones mentioned here are a must for travelling during the festival season.

Travelling During Festival Season: The Planning
Travelling During Festival Season: The Planning

When you visit a festival in a different country, plan accordingly. Itโ€™s not just about booking a flight ticket and a hotel. You need to find out about the festival and what to expect.

Firstly, consider the culture of the country you are visiting. Make sure that itโ€™s something you will enjoy. Because if you are travelling to see a festival, chances are you wonโ€™t be able to do the usual sightseeing thatโ€™s part of any trip.

Travelling during the festival season also means a higher budget expectation. On the other hand, there are many budget countries that you can visit and have a great experience. Festivals will draw large crowds, so you must figure out your accommodation well in advance if you want to stay in the city centre.

Lastly, timing is crucial. Try to arrive a few days before the festival begins, as the leading-up phase to most festivals is also a great experience.

Immerse Yourself In Culture
Immerse yourself in culture

Travelling during festival season is a means of participating in a foreign culture, and you will never feel alone. Donโ€™t just witness the festivities from afar. You may participate in parades, rituals, culinary experiences, and other unique celebrations.

For example, if you visit India during Diwali, participate in the Ganga Aarti. Similarly, in Brazil, you should walk in the carnivals instead of viewing from your hotel balcony. Festivals are all about coming together, so throw yourself into the crowd and create an experience you truly cherish.

Insider Tips For Travelling During Festival Season
Insider tips

You will mingle around in crowds, so prepare your wardrobe for a lot of shoulder rubbing. Also, try to carry a small purse to carry your cards, cash, and passport. Always keep it safe from pickpockets.

Your research process should include watching vlogs of seasoned travellers. They will give you the best tips for safely exploring each festival and finding the best spots. Lastly, make sure to pace out the celebration and donโ€™t exhaust yourself in a single day.

Make The Best Of Your Time
Make the best of your time

Itโ€™s good to visit a foreign festival with some time in your hand, as it will allow you to check out some of the local tourist attractions. You can always try to extend your trip and truly take in the culture of the land, dine in local eateries, visit natural wonders, etc.

While festivals are a great reason to visit some of these countries, their cultural existence is beyond the festivals. So, make sure to make the best use of your time and build memories that you will look back at fondly.

Memories Make Travelling During The Festival Season Worth It
Memories make travelling during the festival season worth it

Memories mean taking lots of photos. If you are carrying a camera, ensure you have some protective gear. If you are using your phone, then having ample storage space is a must.

Also, try to get multiple keepsakes from the festivals you visit. It doesnโ€™t always have to be a grand piece. Small keepsakes will always remind you of the trip as they are easy to carry.

Embrace Your Adventurous Self
Embrace your adventurous self

While travelling to a foreign country for a grand celebration may seem daring, it will provide a different cultural experience. With the correct planning, you will have the trip of a lifetime, be it with your friends, family, or just by yourself.

If you have visited any festival afar, let us know your experience in the comments section.

And for those inspired to take the trip,  let us know which is the one must-go-to festival on your list.

We wish you the best of luck in your wanderlust!

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