Every photography enthusiast dreams of capturing a captivating moment which will be amongst their best art pieces. Everyone dreams of landing the perfect photograph of the scenic beauty surrounding them, especially if it is a gorgeous beach. So, with a camera in hand, budding photographers look for the most elegant Instagram-worthy beaches. Additionally, capturing films of the most beautiful beaches is a sort of relaxation, exactly like therapy. So, capture that picture-perfect moment, and do not think twice before displaying your masterpiece.

Top 10 Instagram-Worthy Beaches For The Hidden Photographer In You

Whitehaven Beach, Australia
A hidden treasure with clear water.

In all its glory and charm, the Whitehaven Beach of Australia is the perfect destination for your photography sessions. The velvety, snow-white sand of the beach is enticing, and magical because it does not retain the Sun’s heat. The crystal-clear turquoise waters of this type of Instagram-worthy beaches is the perfect setting to capture using your camera. Also, Whitehaven Beach has been ranked the fifth best beach of the world, so you get the hype! 

Cathedral Cove, New Zealand
Discover the hidden treasures of Cathedral Cove

The Cathedral Cove counts as a must-visit, and you can only access the beach by travelling via the waters. So, soar through the crystal-clear waters in a water taxi, boat or a kayak, and start your amazing journey ahead. Also, other eye-catching spots near these Instagram-worthy beaches are the Orua Sea Cave, Gemstone Bay Snorkel Trail and Champagne Rocks. You are also likely to come across a varying species of wildlife, from dolphins and whales to penguins. 

Champagne Bay, Vanuatu
Indulge in the mesmerizing scenery of Champagne Bay Instagram-worthy beaches

It is impossible to pay a visit to Australia’s Espiritu Santo without stopping by Champagne Beach first. People who have visited this beach before can guarantee that Champagne Bay offers crystal-clear turquoise waters and perfect white sand. Some people might think the entry fees of 1,000 vt is too expensive. But, the spot is definitely worth the hype, as it promises to take you to another level of paradise. This Instagram-worthy beach is perfect for snorkeling, blue fish swimming and even organizing a little lunch by the waters. 

Bondi Instagram-Worthy Beaches, Australia
Escape from reality with Bondi Instagram-worthy beaches

Bondi Beach is one of the most photogenic beaches of the world with mixed hues of golden and shimmery blue. You must choose Bondi Beach as your next travel destination because of their easy access to public transport. Surfing is one of the many activities practiced here, where swimwear and surf gear are also provided from shops. Their aesthetically pleasing swimming club, bistro and dining room are just a few of the never-ending amenities offered. 

Nudey Beach, Fitzroy Island, Cairns
Photograph the most beautiful Instagram-worthy beaches, Nudey Beach

Nudey Beach is part of the Great Barrier Reef, is untouched and not even crowded. The place is spot-on, with its luscious blue waters and clear, smooth white sand. This makes it the perfect spot for laying down in the sand and soaking in the tropical weather. This beach is Instagram-worthy at its finest, with swimming and snorkeling as the core activities offered. Also, the color texture of Nudey Beach is priceless, and to end the misnomer, it is not a nude beach.

Kehoe Beach, California, USA
Photograph the most beautiful Instagram-worthy beaches, Nudey Beach

Kehoe Beach is amongst the most secluded Instagram-worthy beaches of the world, with its aesthetics being just a bonus. Due to this, people are going to have no problem clicking the perfect picture, as nature brings her A-game here. An important rule to note here is to never turn your back on the beachy waves. This is because their waters are not suitable for swimming. You can also spot great species of wildlife here, from fleeting birds to rabbits. 

Motu Auira, Maupiti Island- French Polynesia
The hidden gem of Motu Auira Instagram-worthy beaches is too good to be true

More like an island, less like a beach, Motu Auira is a luxury in itself. This unspoiled tropical island is home to many marvelous creatures, from eel and algae to even magnificent sharks. You are also likely to come across sea turtles, which will be an experience worth living. Also, the place is top-notch for you to practice photography and click that one picture that will be irreplaceable forever. If viewed from a distance, you are sure to get absolutely speechless because of the beauty this Instagram-worthy beach offers. 

Isla Holbox, Mexico
Participate in the luxuries of Isla Holbox Instagram-worthy beaches

Isla Holbox of Mexico is the perfect example of what you call a β€˜cozy beach.’ This is because the beach people prefer walking barefoot rather than using cars. This level of simplicity, with well-built yoga pavilions and bungalows, is exactly what makes it amongst the perfect Instagram-worthy beaches. The visitors of this beach also get access to ATVs, beach-cruiser bikes and golf carts, which is always a plus. There is also scope for paddleboarding and kayaking too, for all the adventure seekers out there. 

Waikiki Instagram-Worthy Beaches, USA
Fill yourself with serendipity with the Waikiki Beach of the USA

If you want an escape that is so calming that you forget all worldly tensions, Waikiki Beach is the one. Located in Honolulu, one can stroll through this secluded Instagram-worthy beach without a care in the world. This place would be a great way to showcase your photography, as it will definitely do justice to your camera.  

Camilo Beach, Portugal
Enter into the staircase of heaven in Camilo Beach

Camilo Beach is perfect if you are passionate about sunrise and want to experience a solid one in this lifetime. Because of the mesmerizing view you are going to be surrounded with, photography is going to be exceptional here. One of the landmarks that makes this beach unique is the infamous arch on the left side of the beach. Hit this beach on a weekday, so that no one comes in between you and the perfect Instagram-worthy picture.

Be Mesmerized By The Stunning Visuals Of Instagram-Worthy Beaches

Instagram enthusiasts are in urgent need of the perfect beaches to hit this summer, to capture the most aesthetic pictures. If you are one of them, these Instagram-worthy beaches are the ones for you! But to make sure that your enjoyment can be coupled with safety, make sure to follow all the precautions beforehand.. 

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