A Foodie’s Guide to Coastal Cuisine: A World Tour

Ocean calls go beyond waves and sand between your toes. Fresh coastal cuisine, distinctive local specialties, and coastal cafes with stunning views. Most importantly, this guide will take you around the world to 10 exotic coastal resorts for foodies. However, expect global flavors to delight your taste buds!

Want beachfront food? Enjoy delicious seafood! Sense the sea and salt.

Ireland: Galway
Lively pub with tasty coastal cuisine

Galway, Ireland’s western coast treasure, welcomes travelers with discreet warmth. Above all, enjoy a pint in a lively pub. Shrimp and fish may be scarce. But do try Galway’s famous fish stew. A sauce-drenched masterpiece with flaky fish, mellow potatoes, and fresh vegetables. Each tablespoon represents ocean abundance. Moreover, ocean travelers can have fresh fish at several Galway restaurants. Galway’s colors, richness, and sea flavor will capture you. Also, Galway eateries are no surprise. They are a feast for the senses.

Portugal: Lisbon
Taste the coastal cuisine while you enjoy the sand and sun

The windows of all Lisbon eateries display grilled fish and shellfish. Don’t you sometimes crave juicy grilled octopus or shellfish stew? Lisbon delivers. Savor the prized salinity of barnacles, also known as percebes. However, do not miss the Arroz de Marisco, a signature dish. It’s a paella with mussels, clams, shrimp, and the freshest fish on saffron rice. Lisbon is the best place on Earth for seafood lovers because they never forget it.

Morocco: Essaouira
Enjoy the sunset with mouthwatering coastal cuisine.

Eassuira, Morocco’s charming fishing port, has a rich fishing history. Likewise, the sea scent greets you immediately. Harbor seems like a bazaar now. The restaurant serves fresh seafood every day. In addition, they have shiny fish of various sizes, mussels by the crate, and colorful crabs. You don’t just eat there; you set its direction. Nevertheless, choose your food and watch the chef create a masterpiece. Traditional chermoula is a fish stew with fresh tomatoes, spices, and herbs. It is a flavor explosion. Further, only a marine festivals can send people home with a unique Essaouira taste.

New Zealand: Kaikoura
Scenic beachside with wonderful coastal cuisine

Kaikoura is a small town. It sits on New Zealand’s South Island and thrives off its rich marine ecosystem. Whale-watching is a favorite activity here. But do not forget to taste the wonderful seafood. Many local dining spots feature Kaikoura’s iconic coastal cuisine. Moreover, they include crayfish, mussels, and salmon on their menus. But the real stars are the lesser-known delicacies. They include creamy paua fritters and soft whitebait patties. There are even many dishes with sea snails. Each bite is a homage to the peculiar marine riches of Kaikoura.

Hawaii, USA: Oahu
A refreshing taste of the best coastal cuisine

Seafood lovers and surfers are welcome on Oahu. Treasure awaits under wave thunder. Firstly, explore poke bowls with Ahi tuna cubes, delicious veggies, and creamy sauce. Meanwhile, taste lau lau. It’s a coconut wrapper with taro-wrapped fish. It’s carefully steamed to bring out its ancient story flavors. In addition, you can taste the Pacific Ocean’s coastal qualities in every bite, raw or cooked. Besides poke bowls, the cuisine of Oahu is more than that. Moreover, Kalua pig is slow cooked in an underground pit. This gives it a smokey flavor that comes from the old cooking procedures. Experience the exquisite taste of haupia, a sweet and creamy coconut pudding.

Lima, Peru
Savor a romantic beachside meal while sipping a glass of wine.

Lima’s art begins with fresh lime, the soloist. Food attracts travelers from all over the world to Burano, and the Sea’s Treasure is at the heart of it all. The national dish, ceviche, shines at the event. In essence, you’re eating the tiniest cube of the freshest fish. Furthermore, citrus juices preserve it, imbuing it with zesty flavors and vibrant colors. Hungry for heat? Order an arroz con mariscos meal. It’s a paella with double the seafood: clams, shrimp, mussels, and that day’s catch. Also, it has a deep seafood flavor. Kalae, a crunchy mix of fried fish and shellfish, will satisfy crunchies. 

USA: New Orleans
Beautiful view, grilled yummy food right from the sea water.

In addition to festivities, New Orleans hosts many culinary communities. Most importantly, fresh seafood is the star. The city’s native food is influenced by Spanish, African, Caribbean, and French flavors. Each dish has them. However, tourists can participate in a local ritual. Jambalaya is a one-pot wonder. It tastes like the abundance of the Gulf Coast, like gumbos with shellfish. Also, New Orleans is famous for the po’boy. It’s a crusty baguette with fried oysters, shrimp, or catfish. Do not forget to try this.

India: Kerala
Enjoy delectable bites of fish curry in a claypot.

Kerala is in West India. Also, it is known for sandalwood. It attracts tourists with beautiful beaches and seafood. In this place, fresh fish doesn’t only serve as a delicacy; in addition, it defines the people’s culture. Above all, each dish is a kind of musical composition. The savory smells of the spices mix with coconut milk to create a memorable taste. However, don’t forget to seize this chance. You can indulge in the coastal cuisine of Kerala. Its diverse heritage enriches it.

Spain: San Sebastian
Fun vacation activities, delicious coastal cuisine, and fishing boats

San Sebastian is in northern Spain. Also, it is known for its Michelin-starred restaurants and surprise taster’s delight. The “city of pintxos” (the art of small dishes) may astound you, but seafood reigns. Meanwhile, stroll down a stone street. Stop at pintxos bars for tasty anchovies on Spanish bread or baby squid. Above all, Michelin-starred restaurants have much ocean food in a fancy setting. They serve a tasty sample of ocean cuisine in a more refined way. Certainly, it’s a true celebration of cooking skill.

Vietnam: Hoi An
Featuring a warm ambiance and platters of delicious coastal cuisine.

Vietnam’s coast is home to the charming town of Hoi An. Firstly, Hoi An is renowned for its buzzing lanterns and cultural heritage architecture. Moreover, there is an abundance of seafood in Hoi An, and you will be able to enjoy it in a variety of dishes, including white rose dumplings, cao lau (rice noodles with pork and pan-fried wontons), and mi quang (yellow noodles with shellfish). In addition, you can eat small clams cooked in banana leaves, salads with jellyfish, and eel or sea urchin meals here. Moreover, seafood in Hoi An is a special way to try Vietnamese coastal foods.


To sum up, hello, food lovers! 10 stunning destinations around the world that include Mouthwatering coastal cuisine, full of local, unique flavors, and delightful views of the sea. Whether you’re seeking the citrusy tang of Peruvian ceviche, the rich curries from Kerala, or the filling stews of Lisbon, there is a Coastal paradise on which you can have a try.
Greetings everybody! Tell me about the beach or restaurant that you love the most. Stunning locations with a delicious twist await you on our Youtube channel, where you may also get tour information.

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