Oldest cities in the world are unique in their way. Their rich legacies tell intriguing yet beautiful stories. No matter how much time passes by, the history of these places will remain an important part forever. The continuous evolution speaks about the ancient empires built there. Even the oldest city in Europe tells a great deal about how rich their culture used to be. Even if the cities have become classic now, their legend will never die! They will continue to impact the lives of every individual!

Historic Realms: Exploring the Oldest Cities In The World

Samarkand, Uzbekistan: Discovering Crossroads of Culture on the Silk Road
Indulge in the beauty of historical artifacts at oldest cities of the world

Samarkand is one of the crowning jewels of Uzbekistan. It is a majestic city that has been the capital of the Timurid Empire. It played the role of a haven for merchants and elite Islamic intellectuals. Also, this ancient city is amongst the oldest cities in the world, where it welcomed pious Muslim communities. The world-famous Silk Road sets the start of global trading in history.

Check out Registan, one of the most glorious landscapes in the world. Also, Gur-e-Amir Mausoleum is another beauty to lay eyes on. Rumors are that this place was the final resting spot of King Amir Timur. Also, the intricate designs, carvings, and splendid build will leave you dazzled.

If you wish to dive into their local culture, what better way than to shop at its Siab bazaar? Also, the glorious collection of fabrics, fresh fruits, and glazed ceramics will make you leave for a shopping spree. Do not miss our on the oldest city in Europe that offers knowledge you would love to have.

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Antigua, Guatemala: Colonial Architecture and Volcanic Landscapes
Shop at the local vendors' market and get your hands on collectibles at Antigua

Antigua, known for its old-world elegance, is a World Heritage Site, as stated by UNESCO. It is home to three marvelous volcanoes, Fuego, Agua, and Acatenango, which add rustic charm of the ancient city. Also, the imperfections yet pure elegance of Antigua Guatemala Cathedral make it one of the most refined locations. Even UNESCO has not held back from granting it the patent of oldest cities in the world.

Antigua is home to Iglesia de la Merced church, which is a work of art. The perfect blend of light yellow colors with the exquisite work of white stucco on the exterior is divine. Also, explore Mercado de Artisans El Carmen, an artisanal market offering custom-made goods. Visiting the oldest city of Europe is a must, as there is so much you are missing. Hidden gems like Antigua are too gorgeous to look past.

Antigua has also shown a great deal of African culture blended with imperial heritage. This was a deadly combination in that time. So, history still holds relevance here, making it one of the strongest ancient spots. The mixture of West African and European heritage leaves something to be talked about.

Hanoi, Vietnam: Journey Through Ancient Temples and French Colonial History
Get captivated by the serenity of Hanoi as world's oldest cities

If you are looking for ancient places to visit that speak glory and culture, Hanoi of Vietnam is the answer. The city of Hanoi has stood tall since 3000 BC, and was earlier famous with the name “Thang Long.” Also, the Thang Long Imperial Citadel, known as a World Heritage site, is heaven for all the history lovers.

The Hoan Kiem Lake, meaning the Lake of the Restored Sword, is full of legendary significance. Activities like socializing, dancing, and tai chi are loved here. Pay a visit to the iconic Hoa Lo Prison Museum to learn about the Vietnam War. Also, the spot’s name translates to “Hell’s Hole” as it informs visitors about the sufferings of war.

Being one of the oldest cities in the world gives this place a whole new meaning. Now that Hanoi has become a modern city, it has still not forgotten its cultural roots. The heart of Vietnam has kept all the cultural sites, locations and monuments intact. Thousands of years worth history and legend still hold most importance. Look into Southeast Asia’s treasures and you will learn a great deal about ancient culture.

Luang Prabang, Laos: Indulge in the Spiritual Heart of Laos
Worship all negativities away at one of the oldest cities in the world

This city temple is the perfect blend of Lao urban architecture and structures built by the Europeans. Luang Prabang is not far from being one of the oldest cities of the world and has still kept its charm intact. Also, this masterpiece has been on the list of UNESCO’s most beloved, with sacred temples and striking architecture.

The monasteries of this iconic city preaches love for Buddhism. Also known as ‘wats,’ they perform ceremonies every day. These events teach us the art of sharing, kindness and learning. Pay a visit to one of their ‘temples’ and your hearts will be filled with peace.

Indulge in the elegance of Buddhism in the Pak Ou caves. These caves are said to hold about 4,000 Buddha idols left by people many moons ago. Pay a visit to the historic spots in the world for the most relaxing getaway you can expect. Explore the hidden gems of the past! Find great discounts on flights and hotels near attractions with Expedia Travel. Set sail on your voyage now!

York, England: Walking Through Medieval Streets and Viking History
Discover the striking streets of York

York is amongst the most beloved ancient cities of England, loved by tourists from across the globe. Also, their gothic churches and Victorian structures are symbols of excellent handiwork. Dive into the past of England at York Minster, which is famous as the most iconic Cathedral church.

The Shambles goes back to the 14th century and is amongst the most well-maintained streets of York. This historical masterpiece resembles the Diagon Alley in the world-renowned Harry Potter fandom. This is the oldest city in Europe, and the importance it holds is surprising.

The Viking heritage is still celebrated with all the right rituals. Visiting York will allow you to feel the legacy of the Vikings, and how great of a journey they lived. Their great traders, artists and other legends will always be remembered. Also, if check out budget-friendly traveling vacations to historic cities to make the most of it.

Dive Into The Realm Of Vintage Charm With Oldest Cities In The World

Indulging in ancient culture makes you feel that jolt of knowledge. Do not forget to do your research on the top historical spots in the world. Also, their existence paves the way for all ancient artifacts, without which the world would be a boring place. Also, do not forget visit the oldest city in Europe for the perfect adventure.

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Indulge in the beauty and culture of prehistoric cities and they will not disappoint you. Check out monuments and artifacts that came into existence many moons ago. If you are passionate about history, do not forget to take a look at the blogs given below.

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