UNESCO World Heritage sites are amongst the best locations in the world. A spot is declared as a heritage site when it holds rare qualities. Places that show culture and are high on the beauty scale attain this title. UNESCO historic sites are known for factors like culture and preservation. So, if you are looking for the best heritage sites to visit,  you are in for a ride.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites That Are Worthy Of The Hype

Iguazu National Park, Argentina: Feel at peace and enjoy the scenic nature
Learn about scenic beauty at the waterfalls of Iguazu National Park

This Park is one of the best UNESCO World Heritage sites and a marvel of the world. It is home to the largest waterfall on Earth- the Iguazu Falls. Also, it forms a barrier between Argentina and Brazil, with an area of 672 km sq. 

Millions of tourists all over the world are in awe at the sight of the waterfalls. Legend has it that these falls were first brought to Earth by a furious deity. He was eager to marry Naipi, a gorgeous lady he had met. But she fell for a mortal, and this agonized God. Out of anger, God formed waterfalls, signifying lovers meeting their deemed faith. 

Check out Devil’s Throat, the perfect spot to enjoy splendid views. Also, make sure to go for river rafting at Macuco Safari boat ride. Also, if you are into bird-watching, check out Parque das Aves. It is home to unique species of birds, which is always a pleasant sight to hold. 

Pyramids Of Giza, Egypt: Beauty of Egyptian culture through gothic pyramids
 Indulge in Egyptian history at the Pyramids of Giza

The Egyptians outdid themselves with the pyramids of Gaza. Construction began during the reign of King Khufu. His motive was to build a giant tomb in the largest pyramid of Giza and take his last breaths there. Also, you are going to love the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Egypt, as they will take you on a ride of cultures.

One pyramid was for King Khufu, and the others belonged to his son and grandson. One of the most shocking facts is that the pyramids took about 20 years to build. So, travelers from all over the world come here to uncover the secrets of Egypt. 

After discovering the treasures of these pyramids from the outside, you can fulfill your curiosity by going inside them. Also, check out the Panoramic Point, which offers exotic views. If you love to do touristy things, go for a camel ride there. 

Historic Areas, Istanbul, Turkey: The true beauty of Istanbul
Showcase true elegance at UNESCO World Heritage sites

Discover the meaning of true elegance in the famous heritage sites of Istanbul. The architecture and splendid designs attract people to come to pay a visit. Some hidden treasures are worth discovering, like Poyraz and Garipce.

The tall Galata Tower denotes the elegance of buildings back in the 14th century. Sultanahmet Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, was built to surpass another monument, Hagia Sophia. Also, the beauty of this place proves why the spot is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites

Another historical site is Topkapi Palace, which used to be a meeting spot for the Ottomans. The Palace now holds the rare Kasikci Diamond and is a museum for unique artifacts. UNESCO sites like these are symbols of pure elegance and are must-visits for your vacation. Explore the hidden gems of the past! Find great discounts on flights and hotels near attractions with Expedia Travel. Set sail on your voyage now!

Jaipur City, India: Visit the Pink City for authentic Indian culture
 Discover the treasures of the Pink City

Located in Rajasthan, Jaipur is a blend of Vedic culture. The name ‘Pink City’ was derived when Queen Victoria’s husband first recommended that the entire city be pastel in color. Since this color denotes a warm welcome, you will now find the city covered in this hue. 

Everything about Jaipur is majestic, from its cuisine to handmade fabrics. Also, the Sheesh Mahal, known as the ‘Hall of Mirrors,’ is an icon of Jaipur. Here, the walls are made of glossy mirrored glass. This makes the Sheesh Mahal the perfect view to lay your eyes on. Also, Jaipur is amongst the most cultural UNESCO World Heritage sites, offering luxury.

The Amer Fort is another spot of ancient importance, where the interests of both Hindus and Muslims meet. Hawa Mahal, the Palace of Winds, is the tallest structure built without any foundation. 

Mount Fuji, Japan: The blends of colors of nature are a treat to the eyes
 Enter into heaven on Earth at the UNESCO World Heritage sites

At number 13 in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites is Mount Fuji. It is a World Cultural Heritage site and is a feeling of pride for the locals. Fuji denotes trust and has been an inspiration for famous artists like Hokusai. 

A fact about Mount Fuji is that it is not fully a public land. Before 1872, women were not allowed to climb Mount Fuji, and there is a legend behind this. If women climbed these mountains, Konohana-Sakuya-he would be livid and, with his forces, would cause them to explode. 

Visit Lake Yamanaka for beautiful view of the peak. Check out the Narusawa Ice Cave, with stunning walls and ice pillars that will impress you. If you are into scenic beauty, exploring Imamiya Tea Plantations would be a solid idea. Also, check out Europe’s budget-friendly vacation ideas for your next vacation.

Dive In The Beauty Of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO amazes us with its famous heritage sites. These sites are true beauty of nature and prove that they can never go out of style. Before diving into the realms of UNESCO’s truly, make sure to research as to which place you should head towards. 

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