Pilgrimage sites: The first thing that pops into our mind when we hear this word is devotion. As soon as one hears about pilgrimage sites, their hearts get filled with the curiosity to learn more. That is what these holy sites input into our souls. Tourists from all over the world come around to get a glimpse of the Gods they worship. This fills their hearts with utmost peace, making them feel like all is right in the world. Going on a sacred getaway is the perfect way to spend your time, with zero negativity and high optimism. So, set forth on the journey towards peace by chalking out the holy sites you are going to pay a visit to. Do not forget to look into Europe’s budget-friendly destinations, that also host sacred sites.

Bring Out Your Pious Self With Top Pilgrimage Sites 

1. Golden Temple, India: Dive into the traditions of Amritsar, India
Indulge in true golden equality and prosperity at the Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is not only one of the sacred sites but a proof of equality and respect for all. It promotes the motto of brotherhood, and several sites here preach peace amongst individuals. The temple symbolizes and glorifies the history and culture of the Sikhs. 

The fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das, was the first to lay down the foundation of this temple. He also built Amritsar as a tank, which later transformed into a famous city, among other pilgrimage sites. Also, building of the temple began with Guru Arjan Dev, fifth among the Sikh Gurus. 

The Golden Temple is a marvel amongst other religious sites, which instils Hindu, Sikh and European blends of ideas. Devote your soul to the soothing โ€˜Kirtanโ€™, which refers to sweet holy hymns and music sung by cultural artists. Also, the praying ceremony known as Palki Sahib is a must-visit, where the sacred Sikh scriptures are recited. 

2. Notre Dame de Lourdes, France: Check out the miraculous spring of French culture
Fall in love with top cultural sites of France

The beauty of southwestern France is showcased through this grand Catholic site, which is known worldwide. The rich culture and history make this spot one of the most visited and famous pilgrimage sites.

Legend has it that a little girl named Bernadette had an encounter with the Virgin Mary. Mary instructed her to dig up the ground, where, later, a spring of water came out. She later asked her to gulp the water, as it was known to possess restoring qualities. This is how the great Lourdes water came into existence.

Join the pilgrims around the world here and bathe in the holy places of Lourdes waters for their magical properties. Also, explore the Basilica of Our Lady of Rosary, a Roman Church, to seek prayers for your wishes to come true. 

3. Kabbah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia: The best spot for believers to wash their sins away
Feel the beauty of Islam at the best pilgrimage sites

Kabbah of Mecca is deeply rooted in the hearts of every Muslim and was first built by Prophet Ibrahim and his offspring. Regarded as the top pilgrimage sites of Islam, pilgrims arrive here every year for the Hajj. Also, the holy Kabbah in Mecca was built as the most prominent sacred site in the world. 

The Kabbah is a holy building in the shape of a prism. A black cloth, with golden calligraphy, covers the majestic Kabbah. In the Hajj pilgrimage, perform Tawaf by orbiting the Kabbah about seven times.

Go for the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage to indulge in the beauty of Islamic rituals. Take a moment to soak in the visuals of the great Kabbah. Pray at the largest mosque in the world, Masjid al-Haram, to forget all your sorrows and welcome peace.

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4. Church Of The Nativity, Bethlehem: Worship at the oldest Church in the world
Live through the birthplace of Jesus Christ

Being the original birthplace of Lord Jesus Christ, this is amongst the oldest pilgrimage sites and holds immense significance. The beautiful interiors of the Church of the Nativity, with perfectly carved finishings and intricate designs, do justice to Christianity. 

It was Emperor Constantine and his mother who built the great Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. The Emperor was the first one to welcome Christianity in Rome and labelled the Church as a Christian holy place. Do not forget to check out top historical cities that also hold pilgrimage sites, to set forth your holy journey.

You are going to fall in love with what the Church has to offer. Also, check out the Chapel of the Manger, which houses a star at the exact place where Jesus Christ was born. Also, adore the ancient works of St. Catherineโ€™s Church. Roam around Manger Square for their delicious pizza, gifts and souvenirs that glorify the birth of Jesus. 

5. Dome Of Rock, Jerusalem: The golden dome is the triumph of humansโ€™ love for the Almighty
Lay your eyes on the remarkable beauty of pilgrimage sites

A place of significance for Jews, Christians, and Muslims, the Dome of the Rock is amongst the most worshipped pilgrimage sites. Inscriptions of verses from Quran and other Islamic scriptures are visible all over.

Prophet Muhammad journeyed towards Heaven during the Night journey at the exact spot of the Dome. Also, the Foundation Stone marks the exact place where, as part of Jewish rituals, Ibrahim would sacrifice his offspring, Isaac.

Indulge in prayers at one of the pilgrimage destinations here, known as the Wailing Wall. Meditate your problems away by taking part in rituals of Muslims, Christians or even Jews. Also, do not forget to walk down the Old City and learn about what is happening from the locals. 

Walk Down Ancient History With The Best Pilgrimage Sites

Everyone loves to visit sacred sites and learn about their individual history, from cultures to even the rituals followed. Look into the Inca sacred valley for their splendid sites like Chinchero and Pisac. Also, do not forget to take a look at the relevance of heritage sites of UNESCO.

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