Cultural festivals are the best way to know about a city’s traditions. Hosted for a few days, one can experience so much fun. This line of legacy invites people from all over the world to take part. So, tourists come to enjoy and learn from these festivals. These celebrations are so lavish that they will leave you wanting more. Also, if you wish to make your vacation memorable, learn about the place’s culture through its festivities. Believe us, this experience comes one in an entire lifetime. So, cherish every moment of it!

Cultural Festivals: The Best Way To Revive Your Soul And Feel Alive 

In cultural festivals, and you will find that there is more to life than some casual vacations. With these events, you will be a part of something so unique. You will be amazed at the list of events each country has lined up for you. So, since life is like a vapor, do not let it fly away. Also, if you want to attend festivals this summer, check out summer festivals packed with thrilling vibes.

Kandy Esala Perahera, Sri Lanka: Marvelous Celebrations of the beauty of Sri Lanka
Have the most memorable night at the  festivity of Kandy Esala Perahera

This cultural festival is one of the most celebrated ones. They are celebrated every year from June to August. Natives welcome the Sacred Tooth Relic as Lord Buddha. If you are looking for a festival that is deep in cultural significance, this is the one for you. Also, European cities are host to numerous festivals that must be checked out for budget-friendly travel.

Marvelous elephants, fire-crackers, and dancing take place. Also, the term ‘Perahera’ means a parade of dancers, musicians, singers, and many more. The famous festivals begin with the first rite- sowing a sacred Jackfruit tree. The decorated elephants marching around the parade do justice to how grand the event is. 

The whip-crackers, drummers, and dancers give the festival its rightful recognition. Also, the first five days mark the event of five Randoli Perahera (the golden carriage). Also, these days are auspicious, welcoming tourists from all over the world to witness this live. 

Jambay Lhakhang Festival, Bhutan: Dance your sorrows away in Bhutan
Indulge in the beauty of Jambay Lhakhang Festival

This five-day cultural festival celebrates nobility in the valley of Bhutan. Amongst all the world festivals, This pays tribute to Guru Rimpoche, an ascetic who first described Tantric mystic Buddhism. There are certain hidden gems that also hold one of the most cultural festivals of the world.

Tourists from all around the globe arrive to witness the Fire offering and naked dance. Also, the natives believe passing through a ring of fire can burn down all hurdles. The naked dance signifies awareness and overcoming emptiness. The locals feel that the person witnessing this dance develops an ability to defeat anxiousness.

The famous fire dance takes place to inform infertile women to not lose faith. Also, other unique dances include drum dance, stick dance, and the famous religious dance of Tercham. If you want to set forth on an exciting adventure, go for this festival with your eyes closed. Find great discounts on flights and hotels near attractions with Expedia Travel. Set sail on your voyage now!

Holi, India: Indulge yourself in the festival of colors
Immerse in the festival of colors and experience the best cultural festivals

Holi, the lively festival of colors, is one of the most awaited cultural festivals in India. The festival of is the victory of good over evil, and the legend behind it is too adorable to miss. It involves the romance of Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and Radha, a milkmaid. Though being the most breathtaking man to walk this Earth, Lord Krishna felt awkward about his dark blue skin. In order to turn events around, he mischievously put colors on Radha. 

Foreigners come, get their hands on colorful powder, and celebrate with their loved ones. Every corner of India celebrates Holi, and one should never miss it. Lighting bonfires, playing with colors and living in the moment, Holi makes you feel complete.

The celebration starts with Holika Dahan, lighting a great fire to burn away negative energy. Then, the event begins with loud music, lots of colors, mouth-watering food, and the intoxicating ‘Bhang.’ Also, if you wish to celebrate on a budget, take a look at the best budget-friendly travel vacations around the world.

Naadam Festival, Mongolia: Test your hidden talents in this grand celebration
Try out the legendary manly games at the Naadam festival

The Naadam Festival, or the sporting carnival, has three manly games- archery, horse racing, and wrestling. It is one of the must-see festivals as it denotes pride for their culture. Feelings of true sportsmanship, kindness and love emerge. Do not miss out on Southeast Asian jewels around the world for the most-packed festivals.

The event takes place in the National stadium of Ulaanbaatar. Sports, long songs, and reciting poems are parts of the celebration. Everyone is free to participate. All of the events hosted hold significance, whether it is archery or even dancing.

Knuckle-bone shooting is a unique game practiced here. In this game, participants need to flick marble tablets toward a set target. The festival is incomplete without tempting foods, with dumplings on the top of the list. Also, dive into the realm of historic culture with the best ancient sites to discover.

Dia De Los Muertos, Mexico: The spooky celebration of the deceased
Live in the festival of the dead at the most unique cultural festivals

Día de los Muertos, the ‘Day of the Dead,’ pays respect to those who have left the Earth (the deceased). It honors the departed and establishes their remembrance in our hearts forever. It differs from all the cultural festivals, as a matter so delicate can be made so lively, with food and music.

The celebration of the dead first begins with the departed children. The next day focuses on adults, which clashes with Catholic holidays. Altars for loved ones who have passed away. Food and drinks to help jolly up the mood. Flowers, candles, and images of saints as a memorial for the departed.

It helps in reminding people that we should not be scared of death and that it is just a fraction of life. Attending this festival is an experience within itself. This day will make you feel like you have just reunited with your deceased loved ones. So, attend this festival at least once.

Celebrate Life With The Best Cultural Festivals In The World

Discovering cultural festivals around the world is something everyone should try out at least once in their entire lifetime. It will help you learn about different cultures and feel like you are a big part of them. But make sure to follow safety protocols before hitting a cultural festival. Celebrations of culture give us a feeling we cannot explain. Just the feeling of trying something new fills our heart with that rush.

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